Using custom voters in sonata-admin

Hi all,

When setting up voters to use with sonata-admin, there are a few pitfalls, the steps shown here should get you up and running, so that sonata properly takes the voters into account, when...

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Symfony Polyfills repository was born !

[Polyfill] A new component for portability across PHP versions and extensions

After a 9 day discussion on...

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Queue-ing Symfony2 commands via Amazon Sqs

Hi all, here at Branchbit, whenever we create something re-usable, wich we think could benefit other developers aswell, we like to open-source it.

For the simple fact that it is beneficial to other...

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Automatically closing bootstrap alerts

Say you have the following in your template, in order to show flashMessages in your twig template:

{% for flashMessage in app.session.flashbag.get('alert-danger') %}...

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ALPHA Launch:, free statuspages for everyone !


Today we decided to ALPHA-Launch project STATUSHKA.

Statushka is a simple web & server monitor, wich you can use to create public/private statuspages wich display the...

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Moving jenkins installation to another server.

Moving your jenkins installations to another server is not that difficult.

Basically you just install Jenkins on your new server, using the default procedure.

Once installed, make sure your new...

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What is symfony 2?

Symfony is a PHP web application framework for MVC applications. It is a free software package released under the MIT license and was first launched in 2005.

The main aim of the entire Symfony...

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Have Symfony2 report errors to hipchat

Edit the app/config/config_prod.yml file, add the hipchat handler to themonolog.handlers key, replacing [hipchatRoomId] with your valid real hipchat room id


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Find out how many lines you contributed to a git repo

Ever wanted to figure out how many lines you added, removed and what your grand-total is?

You can use the following one-liner from inside your repo, to get some stats.


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