ALPHA Launch:, free statuspages for everyone !


Today we decided to ALPHA-Launch project STATUSHKA.

Statushka is a simple web & server monitor, wich you can use to create public/private statuspages wich display the on/offline status of you web pages & servers.

Heres a sample statuspage: enter image description here

At this time we have 2 types of monitors :

  1. Web page monitor: This will simply monitor a given webpage, expecting a certain response code (200 by default)

  2. Web server monitor: This will simply monitor a given host and port, checking to see if a socket can be opened

The first beeing usefull for basic website-uptime monitoring, whereas the second can be usefull for connectivity-monitoring mysql, ssh, vpn and other services.

Head over to and give it a go !

Again, this is just an ALPHA release, and we will be adding many features including alert policies, notifications and much more !

Any and all feedback you may have, is more then welcome !!

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