Have Symfony2 report errors to hipchat

Edit the app/config/config_prod.yml file, add the hipchat handler to themonolog.handlers key, replacing [hipchatRoomId] with your valid real hipchat room id

            type:  hipchat
            notify: true
            token: %hipchat_token%
            room: [hipchatRoomId]
            level: critical

As you can see, the config requires the %hipchat_token% parameter.

Add the following to your app/config/parameters.yml file, replacing [hipchatToken] with your valid real hipchat token.

hipchat_token: [hipchatToken]

And the following to your app/config/parameters.yml.dist file.

hipchat_token: hipchatToken

That's it ! At this point any error reaching critical level will be reported to your hipchat room!

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